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Colorado Residents Should Plan Ahead for Flooding

Many people living in Denver may think that they do not have to worry about flooding. The fact is, however, that there is about a 25 percent chance of flood damage during the 30 year life of a typical mortgage.

The math behind this is simple: flood control structures like the Cherry Creek and Chafield Field reservoirs and the park land surrounding many local creek and streams are designed to accommodate “100 year floods”. This means that, in any given year, that there is a one percent chance these structures will not prevent flooding. So in 30 years, this translates into a 25 percent chance that your home will experience flood conditions. It’s now that you should Create a Water damage disaster plan to limit damage

What should you do to prepare for flooding?

Determine the flood risks near your home so you can anticipate the impact of flooding before it happens to you. Check out the Denver Office of Emergency Management and the Urban Drainage and Flood Control District to get the facts about your location.

  • How deep might the flood water get?
  • Where will the fast moving water be and what risks might it entail?

Most importantly, be prepared to protect your family and get to know about the flood warning and evacuation processes for your neighborhood. Pick the evacuation route that works the best for you and make sure you family members all know it.

  • Anticipate which streets are likely to be closed.
  • Pick a rally point to meet up in case you are separated from family members
  • Identify emergency contact numbers and put them into your family’s phones and on paper in strategic locations like you car.

Floods can come without much warning, so become aware about the signs.

  • Learn the best ways for your family to get a timely warning about a possible flood conditions
  • Consider installing electronic water alarm warning systems to keep damage to a minimum and minimize reaction time to limit damage

Backup you critical information, documents and personal property using the convenient new technologies for doing so in the Cloud.

  • Email yourself copies of key documents so they are easily available online.
  • Photograph and video your stuff with your smart phone and email that too.

Know who to call if you have water damage from a flood or other source.

Why is this so important?  First, quick  response is important to limit the damage and the associated cost and time to get back to normal. Knowing you have a quality local water damage restoration player to call will save the stress of trying to figure out who to call to get the job done right the first time. And, in large regional emergencies like flooding, it’s best to be first in line for the limited quality local resources that may be immediately available to help.

Plan to use experienced local player Professional Restoration for Denver water damage repair services. The most important thing you need in a water damage emergency is the fast 24×7 response you’ll get when calling 303-922-4001 for outstanding customer service with single point of contact and guaranteed customer satisfaction since 1992.