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Whether you’ve been through a mechanical failure, or a pipe burst in your basement, you can count on Professional Restoration for a suite of water extraction services. Our knowledgeable, compassionate staff will dispatch technicians to your property to get a handle on the situation and start the water removal process right away. Each professional restorationist on our team receives comprehensive education and certifications to make sure every aspect of your request is prioritized, no matter the damage.

At Professional Restoration, we dedicate ourselves to helping people through our restoration and water removal services. Our owner is a certified restorationist, making us one of the only three companies in complex, high-quality restoration in the state. With our knowledge and certified expertise, we’re ready to recover and remediate so you can rebuild and move on.


Professional Restoration: the Water Extraction Company That’s Here for You

When your home is damaged because of a burst pipe or weather event, you need to act quickly to remove the water. The longer it sits, the more likely that your property’s foundation and structure will suffer severe water damage. The helpful and experienced team at Professional Restoration is the Denver water removal company that’s always ready to provide you with water extraction services that you can count on. We work quickly and efficiently because we understand how detrimental water damage can be to your property and daily life.

Our water removal strategy includes top-notch equipment, skills, and knowledge. We have tried and true methods of water extraction from a variety of properties, so you can trust us to give you the best possible service. At Professional Restoration, we offer 24-hour emergency service every day of the week, so you can get help when you truly need it, not the next day.

Water Removal Services Designed to Get You Back to Normal

If your property has recently experienced a burst pipe or similar water emergency, the certified team of experts at Professional Restoration are ready to put together a water removal plan for you. Regardless of how serious or complex your situation is, Professional Restoration will provide the removal, remediation, and restoration services to help you through any emergency. We proudly serve Denver and the surrounding metro area, helping both commercial and residential spaces with water extraction services so they can return to normalcy and business or life as usual.

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At Professional Restoration, we specialize in providing our clients with reliable restoration practices and superior care. Thanks to our years of experience, we offer our expertise across a wide variety of areas with precision and professionalism clients across the Denver Metro area deserve. Our services aim to help with everything from restorative work involving sewage backup and fire damage to mold remediation, structural repair, and water removal. When you need to contact a restoration company in your time of need, look to Professional Restoration for certified staff members, reliable processes, and superior customer service.