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mold removal

Mold Removal: Where to Start

Start with Safety! We live around mold every day. What type of mold should you be worried about? Any kind you can see, because if you see it you can breathe it, right? Your first step is to start with safety!

Before you undertake that mold cleanup project in your home, make sure you consider potential safety hazards and take precautions to protect yourself and others.

Think about the potential risks that could result from breathing in the fumes from any chemicals you are planning to use to kill and remove mold, and disinfect to prevent future microbial growth.

Also, the risk of inhaling potentially toxic mold spores. Start with getting yourself protective gloves, and face mask or respirator.

Control airflow in the affected areas and AVOID putting any drying fans in the area, you do not want to circulate mold spores into other parts of your home. Think about your air environment.

With any type of renovation work, we suggest creating a zip wall or dust barrier between the area affected and the rest of your living space.

Know The Enemy

Your mission, if you so choose, is to remove the enemy. Mold needs dampness, darkness and a food source to survive. In the area that you are planning to repair, what do you see that poses a threat?

Mold can grow on any kind decomposing organic material. You’ll need to remove all materials and debris that are affected, make sure you get the contractor style trash bags! If you are removing mold in a crawlspace area, you may need to get in some tough spots. A full body protective suit is also highly recommended.

Removing mold from a basement wall? If you see visible mold on building materials such as drywall, remove the area affected and include 2 feet above the visible mold line and remove appropriately. If the insulation has been damaged by water, remove and replace. These type of small jobs can be done with a little DIY video instruction on how to replace insulation, drywall and texture.

When this becomes too much of a project for you to do on your own, call us for an estimate to complete the process. Our teams are experienced in carpentry and remodeling after a fire, water, or mold loss. We’ve seen it all and are able to make the area safe and new again.

We Know Mold Removal

If you’re doing your own mold removal project, make sure you plan it out and research articles and blogs like this dealing with mold removal safety. We’ve provided some additional information resources below. And remember: If your mold removal project becomes overwhelming, we’re here to help.

Call Professional Restoration for peace of mind in mold removal. We can refer you to Certified Industrial Hygienists for mold testing, and post-remediation verification testing to ensure your air environment is safe for your family.