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Use Available and Easy Technology to Document Your Disaster Loss – Just In Case

Smartphones Allow You to Use Technology to Document Your Losses.

Documenting your loss during or after a disaster will ensure you’re fully compensated for damaged or lost possessions. When you file your claim with your insurance company, be prepared to provide them with a description of the damage. It’s a good idea to take a video or photos of the damage for future reference. Most people today have a smart phone. Documenting and sending the disaster has never been easier.

While your insurance company and adjuster assesses your damaged property, you should already have a disaster recovery team working on the property and content restoration process. Before the technicians remove the water and contaminated belongings from the area, make sure you have an inventory, description and replacement cost for all damaged items. We recommend that you Use Technology to Document Your Losses.

  • Make a note of where you purchased each item, how much you paid for it and how much you will have to pay to replace it.
  • Do not discard of any personal possessions that are valuable; your insurance company will want to verify them.
  • If your property has incurred structural damage, take some photos of it with your smart phone or write a list and let your adjuster know.

To expedite the recovery process, make sure you provide your insurance company with as much information as possible, including pictures and audio recordings of all damaged items and property.

Prevent further damage by hiring a qualified disaster recovery team in Denver. Call Professional Restoration at 303-922-4001