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Easy steps to document your home for an insurance claim

When you’re dealing with a fire disaster – it can be devastating. Especially since putting out the fire can also water-damage an area that might not have been burnt. It’s in your best interest to take quick easy steps to document the condition of your home.

If you experience fire and/or water damage you should be prepared to provide your insurance adjuster with a detailed description of the affected area. The faster you file your claim, the faster you will receive full compensation for all damaged items, including furniture and personal belongings.Insurance Claim Form

Fire and Water Damage can be devastating. However, here are two things you should do immediately:

  1. Document everything you can with a camera. Pictures are the most reliable form of proof.
  2. Date stamp it by emailing it to yourself and your insurance adjuster if you have their email
A smart phone is the ideal tool to take care of these items immediately and efficiently!
Other things to consider in the event of fire and water damage:
  • If you plan to salvage any possessions that have been submerged in water, remember to wear protective gear such as plastic gloves and eye wear. If the water is grey or black – wait for a water damage expert.
  • Do not throw away any items that have been affected by the fire or the water, as your insurance adjuster will want to verify the damage.
  • Speak with your insurance adjuster and they will guide you through their fire and water damage, disaster management process and inform you of your policy and entitlements.
  • Look for a qualified and reputable company that will stand behind their work and warranty. Your best to use a restoration company that can deal with fire and water damage as well as the restoration process. Remember – The Colorado Insured Bill of Rights states that you have the right to choose which restoration company suits your needs best! 

Note: You don’t have to wait for payment from your insurance adjuster to have your property restored. However, before you begin the fire and water clean-up process, make sure you document the condition of your home or office as we indicated above. Taking quick and easy steps to keep a record of the fire and the water damage to your home and possessions will ensure you are compensated appropriately.

For more information – call  at 303-922-4001.  Professional Restoration is a locally owned and operated Denver, Colorado’s disaster recovery company since 1992. Visit us online to check out your damage repair choices or call us today .