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Disaster Management and Recovery – Plan for the Worst and Take Steps to Protect Critical Assets

You don’t have to reside in a disaster-prone area to have a disaster management and recovery plan in order. A fire or flood can happen at any time, so why not take steps to protect yourself, your family and your assets?

While never pleasant, it’s best to Plan for the Worst and Take Steps to Protect Critical Assets.

Simple tasks like immediately moving stored items from the basement to the garage or bedroom can help you protect your personal belongings from water damage and mold should your basement flood. You’ll save yourself time, money and hardship when you have a plan of action in the event of an emergency.

What can you do to make disaster management and recovery easier?

  • Do some research and have the number of a professional and reputable restoration company on hand.
  • Keep an inventory of all your possessions, including furniture and personal items.
  • Ensure the foundation of your home and roof are in good condition and make repairs accordingly.
  • Call your insurance adjuster right away to review your policy and entitlements.
  • Be prepared to review all the damage with your insurance adjuster.

Disaster preparation through both, insurance and a property perspective can significantly reduce the risk of damage and more importantly, keep your family and employees safe. Make sure you plan for the worst and have all the resources you need to protect yourself and assets when faced with disaster.

Speak with a Professional Restoration representative to repair your damaged property today. Visit us online to learn more about our restoration solutions or call us today at 720-457-1831.