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Don’t Let Holiday Joy Turn to Sorrow: Fire Safety Reminders

Remember Fire Safety During the Holidays

The vast majority of household fires in the United States start in the kitchen. They’re cooking fires, and the holiday season is when the most cooking occurs in most homes. In addition, the hectic pace of preparing for the holidays can divide our attention to the point of distraction, driving up the risks of disastrous fires. Thus, as you navigate the busy, stressful holiday season, be mindful of fire safety in your home and, especially, your kitchen.

Cooking Fire Safety Reminders

Keep these tips in mind as you prepare holiday treats and meals:

  • Never leave dishes cooking on your stove top unattended.
  • Never leave children unattended in your kitchen while cooking.
  • Always cook using the lowest temperatures necessary for the recipe.
  • Never throw water on a range top fire. Use salt, smother the fire with a pot lid or, best of all, use a fire extinguisher rated for cooking fires (grease and oil).
  • Do not consume alcohol to excess while cooking.
  • Ensure proper ventilation over your range.
  • Carefully follow all manufacturer safety guidelines for turkey deep fryers.

Fire Safety Reminders for the Rest of Your Home

Fire safety shouldn’t stop in at the kitchen door. Keep these tips in mind as you celebrate the holiday season with friends and family:

  • Never leave candles or fires unattended in your home or business.
  • Don’t light candles of fires for holiday parties and drink alcohol to excess.
  • Don’t overload electrical outlets with holiday lights and other gadgets.
  • Ensure that holiday lights you set up outdoors are rated for outdoor use.
  • Supervise use of fireworks and do not use fireworks where prohibited.

We hope these reminders help protect your family from fire hazards and wish all of our neighbors a joyful holiday season.

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