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flooded basement

Flooded Basement Nightmares You Can Easily Prevent


Chances Are That Flooded Basement Could Have Been Prevented

The best way to clean up a flooded basement is to prevent a flooded basement. Water damage restoration is often a costly headache. Fortunately, taking some simple precautions can go a long way toward safeguarding your home or business from a flooded basement. Follow these seasonal tips to guard against the most common causes of basement flooding.

Protect Water Pipes During Cold Weather

When extreme cold weather sets in, it brings the risk of frozen water pipes. When water freezes inside a pipe, it exerts pressure along the length of the pipe. The ice, itself, doesn’t stress the pipe in an outward direction as much as push on the unfrozen water further down the line. Water doesn’t compress, so the pressure on the still liquid water does exert concentrated force outward on the pipe, often rupturing it and resulting in flooding. Take these precautionary steps to avoid a flooded basement resulting from frozen ruptured pipes.

  • Ensure that exposed water pipes in crawl spaces and basements are insulated.
  • Do not turn heat all the way off in buildings that are not occupied for periods of time, such as businesses on weekends or homes during holiday trips.
  • Open cabinets under sinks to enable headed air to circulate to plumbing.
  • When forecasts warn of extended extreme cold weather, open faucets slightly to enable water to escape and release pressure if pipes freeze.
  • Warm and thaw suspected frozen pipes with electric heaters, ensuring that power cords are kept clear of any standing water. Never attempt to thaw frozen pipes with open flame; water within the compressed space of pipes can expand rapidly causing dangerous ruptures or even explosions.

Maintain Features and Equipment That Prevent Basement Water Incursion

When the harsh cold of winter fades, the risk of basement flooding does not. Spring runoff and thawing ice in the ground can result in water incursion into your home or business. Making sure that the features equipment designed to protect your home or business from a flooded basement is in good repair can prevent costly headaches. You can use these tips as a checklist to inspect your property and ensure that it’s as protected as possible.

  • Test basement sump pumps to ensure automatic operation in the event of basement water incursion. Consider replacing pumps in operation for more than 10 years.
  • Ensure that exterior water handling features such as gutters, downspouts, drainage ditches and French drains are in good repair and clear of debris.
  • Use extensions on downspouts to rout water at least six feet away from your foundation and basement.

Call Professional Restoration for Flooded Basement Cleanup

If despite your best efforts you find yourself with a flooded basement, remember that time is money when water is standing in your home or business. Also remember that the Denver water damage restoration experts at Professional Restoration have the know-how and state-of-the-art equipment to get the job done fast, get it done right and save you money. Call Professional Restoration for excellence in flooded basement cleanup today.