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water damage recovery

Water Damage Recovery: Tips for Going it Alone

Water Damage Recovery: Safety First

Water damage recovery starts with safety. Nobody expects the unexpected catastrophes water damage can create.  Where do you start first?  You know you have to get the water out, get the area dry, cleaned and repaired, and what about your belongings that are soaking wet and also damaged? 

If you find this blog while you are searching for water damage recovery tips then please keep these safety considerations in mind as you plan out you efforts.

  • Water and electricity don’t mix. Are there electrical shock risks in the area of your water damage? Before you do anything, Turn off the power to the area affected. 
  • Standing water is hazardous. Treat water that is standing in any structure as toxic and biological contamination, because the potential is there. Protect yourself to ensure rigid hygiene and decontamination. Get on your muck boots, and grab some gloves, at least! 
  • Flooded structures can be dangerous. If the ceiling has caved in from the floor above then proceed with extreme caution. Assess the water damage – is the fallen ceiling more than a couple sheets of drywall to replace? If yes, it’s more, than Stop what you’re doing to call us in to inspect. Building materials that are damaged can disturb your air environment. The hazards of being exposed to asbestos are real, and need to be treated as a serious health hazard. A Certified Industrial Hygienist will be referred for air quality and material testing to ensure the area is a safe work environment and home for your family. 

Water Damage Recovery: Fast and Furious

When you are dealing with water damage recovery, it’s all about getting the water out and the walls and floors dried as fast as possible. Water damage recovery needs high-tech tactics and equipment to get the job done efficiently.

Some fans can be rented from your local home improvement store in the contractor area. You need high powered, directed air movement to dry the area and save on recovery costs. Plan on having these noisy new home companions turned on for about three days for a standard size room to dry.

If you have carpet, rip out the soaking wet pad and discard it. The pad will act like a sponge and take more time to dry the area, costing you more money. Better to replace the pad later when you can think about the finished repair phase. 

Call Professional Restoration for Water Damage

The water damage experts at Professional Restoration are Certified Restorer’s, and hold the industry standard certification throughout our staff. We are here for your peace of mind by giving you the expert advice you need. 

Professional Restoration is a preferred restoration company with insurance providers, and has been helping waterlogged home and business owners in Denver for the last 25 years. You can trust the Pro’s at Professional Restoration to give you the information you need to stay safe when you are dealing with water damage recovery. 

Denver Water Damage Cleanup You Trust – Call Professional Restoration!


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