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Storm Damage Risk Elevated as Summer Fire Risk Declines

Storm damage is a risk in Denver and on the Front Range, resulting from higher than average winter and spring Rocky Mountain precipitation. Climate and fire experts report the lower than average fire risks in a yearly government cooperative report from federal and state agencies, known as the Geographic Area Coordinating Group.

The GACG describes its mission:

“The United States and Alaska are divided into 11 Geographic Areas for the purpose of incident management and mobilization of resources (people, aircraft, ground equipment). Within each Area, an interagency Geographic Area Coordinating Group (GACG), made up of Fire Directors from each of the Federal and State land management agencies from within the Area, is established. Working collaboratively, the GACG’s mission is to provide leadership and support not only for wildland fire emergencies, but to other emergency incidents (i.e. earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc), as necessary. Authority for establishment of the GACG is through departmental policy and interagency agreements. Additional agreements are established with cooperators and other organizations in order to facilitate efficient fire management activities within and adjacent to the Area. A cost-effective sharing of resources among public agencies is a key component of the GACG mission and is expected by the public, Congress, and States.” (LEARN MORE)

Storm Damage Precursors

The upshot of the GACG report is that, while fire risk may be reduced, storm damage to area property is heightened, especially when the summer monsoon season arrives. With this in mind, area property owners should take reasonable precautions to protect their property from storm damage risks, including hail, flooding and water damage.

Do your homework, check out our valuable informational resources and protect your family, business and property from summer storm damage this summer.

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