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flood damage cleanup

What You Should Know About Flood Damage Cleanup

Flood damage cleanup means a big project when you have any degree of incursion into your home or business. Here’s a rundown of safety and other considerations that our experienced flood damage restoration experts take into account in most flood recovery situations.

Flood Damage Cleanup Means Toxic and Biological Waste

We’re not kidding. Water that floods structures either comes from outside—thus carrying all manner of animal waste and chemical residues—or from groundwater pressure or plumbing failures—which can include wastewater or raw sewage, as well as chemical contaminants.

That means that your first consideration in any flood damage cleanup project is safety: protecting yourself and others from hazards that floodwater contains. Use protective outerwear and ensure that you thoroughly clean and disinfect tools you use in the cleanup process. Learn more about floodwater cleanup safety in this OSHA flood cleanup resource.

Flood Damage Cleanup Means Major Repairs

One inch of water standing in most structures for even just a few hours will likely result in several thousand dollars in cleanup and repair costs. So time is quite literally money when you have flood damage. It’s imperative that you get the standing water extracted as quickly as safely possible, then get the structure dry and protect it from potential mold infestation.

If water stands in a structure for extended periods, extensive gutting may be required to remove ruined building materials, as well as electrical and plumbing repairs. In Colorado, this likely also means testing for asbestos in materials to be removed to avoid potential health risks, as well as criminal and civil liability.

Flood Damage Cleanup Doesn’t Have to Mean You’re Alone

Professional Restoration flood damage cleanup experts know what you’re going through after a flood event. We’re here, day or night, to help you save money on recovery costs and get your life back to normal fast. Call Professional Restoration for excellence in water damage cleanup.

Flood Damage Cleanup Help You Trust. Call Professional Restoration!


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