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Old, Moldy Kitchen

Mold Loves Your Kitchen and Bathrooms

Written by Professional Restoration on November 10, 2017. Posted in Damage Prevention.

If there’s one thing people don’t want in their kitchens and bathrooms it’s mold. While mold is necessary to make fine cheeses and penicillin, it’s not healthy for people to live intimately with—especially in areas of the home as sensitive as kitchens and bathrooms.

Mold can pose serious health concerns for infants, people with respiratory issues like asthma, but also healthy people who come into contact with toxic mold species, of which there are hundreds.

Prevent mold contamination in your home’s kitchen and bathrooms by following these simple steps from Professional Restoration.

How to Avoid Moisture in Your Home 

Moisture is tricky to keep out of kitchens and bathrooms—these are, after all, places we typically need to use water in the home. These are also rooms most susceptible to water damage: busted pipes, overflows, and leaks are common accidents that lead to excessive moisture.

Even without water damage or an accident, excessive humidity (80 percent or more) can spur mold growth in unlikely places like carpeting, dry wall, and wood.

Avoid excessive and prolonged exposure to moisture by making sure ventilation or fan systems are functional and the appropriate size for the room’s dimensions.

A fan’s ability to move air is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM). Check the CFM volume located on the label under the grill of all bathroom fans.

For small bathrooms (less than 50 square feet) 50 to 79 CFM will work fine. For larger bathrooms, you’ll want to calculate the square footage to ensure the fan’s CFM is at least equal to the square footage of the bathroom, or one CFM per square foot of bathroom space.

Other ways to minimize moisture in the home:

Fight Mold with New Products

Moisture is almost always a catalyst for excessive mold growth, but sometimes humidity isn’t easy to control—especially if you live somewhere with lots of annual precipitation.

If you struggle to keep moisture levels low, or if you’re renovating a home that’s previously had water damage, there are several mold-resistant products available to help mitigate what you can’t control.

There’s no need to retrofit a home with minor mold issues, but it’s easier to clean and abate mold if you catch it early.

Got More Mold than You Can Handle?

In some cases, mold may spread beyond what you’re able to manage, and you’ll need to call the professionals for reinforcements. Unidentified toxic molds can lead to serious health problems if not properly cleaned and removed.

Professional Restoration’s mold remediation team is trained and certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, an international organization that sets the standard for all remediation projects.

If you’ve got mold, Professional Restoration is here to help. Our local knowledge, experience, and specialized equipment will eliminate the problem from your property and your life. Quickly, efficiently and completely.

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