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Hail Damage Roof needing repair

How to Prevent Hail and Wind Damage

Colorado spring and summer weather can bring damaging storms for many homes across the state. Afternoon thunderstorms can produce hail the size of golf balls and wind up to 200 mph, causing major hail damage to roofs, windows, and siding. Both hail damage and wind damage are common occurrences and dealing with the aftermath can be devastating, but fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to lessen or prevent damage from a powerful storm.


Hail Damage To Roofs


Professional Restoration Experts Repair Roof Damage call 720-457-1831During a strong windstorm, you want your roof to route the wind’s force from the roof, down the walls, then to the ground. The best way to ensure this happens is by making sure your sheathing and shingles are in good shape and are made of the best material for your home’s area.

Sheathing is the wood or plywood nailed to the rafters or trusses of the roof. You need to make sure your sheathing is secured properly with nails that are long enough to anchor the boards to your rafters. Occasionally, contractors use nails that are too short, causing your roof to detach from your home.

The next step is making sure your shingles are impact-resistant. If you live in an area where large hail is common, it may be worth looking into asphalt shingles that are impact-resistant. These shingles have been shown to weather a hailstorm unharmed with hail up to 1.5” in diameter. This may cost a bit more in the short term, but could potentially help save you money and prevent damage from future storms.


Window and Door Hail Damage


Windows and doors are often the most direct route for the wind to enter your house and as such, they take some protecting. They aren’t always the “prettiest” option, but one of the most effective ways to protect windows is by installing wind shutters.

Wind shutters are protective coverings designed to cover window and door glass openings during high winds. They can prevent glass from breaking and damaging your belongings and can even prevent personal injury. If you’re handy, you can easily design your own shutters with some 5/8”-thick exterior grade plywood. You can also purchase impact rated windows if you choose. These windows are designed to protect your home’s interior from water and wind damage.

To protect your doors from bad weather, you can always purchase a storm door. Many homeowners use these outer doors as an additional form of security, but these doors are also made to protect against hail and strong winds.


Tree Damage


With strong enough winds, nearby trees can become uprooted and fall on your home or even buckle sidewalks and plug up septic systems. These repairs can cost thousands of dollars. In order to protect against possible tree damage make sure you check your trees for possible problems such as cracks in the trunk, signs of decay, or mushrooms growing out of the bark. All of these can point to potential issues with the tree’s system.

Good pruning can prevent many problems, as removing diseased or damaged plant parts can help prevent the spread of harmful insects and disease.

Unfortunately not all wind and hail damage is preventable. If you find your home or business damaged after a major storm, you can count on Professional Restoration to help you get back on your feet. If you experience wind or hail damage, call on our experienced team to schedule a free estimate for repairs  1-303-922-4001.