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Your Emergency Water Damage Guide

Are flood waters rising? You need help! Call Professional Restoration 24 hours a day, seven days a week for immediate relief.

Call 303-922-4001 now to get expert technicians on their way!

Next: follow Professional Restoration’s emergency water damage guide to mitigate damage until our technicians arrive.

Safety First 


  • Before you do anything, make sure all property occupants (including pets!) are accounted for and safe.
  • If you can, turn off power to the property to avoid electrical discharge. Gas leaks are also common—if possible, turn off the gas.
  • Avoiding wading in standing water: biological and chemical pollutants may be present. Moreover, building materials can weaken and may result in a dangerous collapse.

Remove Property Contents

Next, and only if it’s safe to do so, remove salvageable property contents from the flood-affected area. If available, wear protective coveralls, gloves, and a facemask to avoid potential health hazards.


  • Open doors and windows.
  • Move furniture, electronics, and personal property to a safe location to avoid further water damage.
  • If applicable, remove curtains and anything else that touches the floor to avoid water damage.
  • Wash hands after ANY contact with standing water. Be sure all property occupants do the same. Tools, brooms, mops, etc. will need to be sanitized after use.

Assess the Damage (But Don’t Clean)

Property owners think they’re helping when they clean flood damage, but they’re destroying evidence that could impact a claim or get the claim denied altogether.

Instead of cleaning, follow the steps we’ve listed above. Then, if it’s safe, take pictures of all property damage including personal items.  If you work with a restoration company that has experience dealing insurance claims, this step may not be necessary.

Reputable restoration companies work with property owners to ensure the best insurance outcome. This includes detailed documentation of the disaster, generating accurate estimates, and being available to negotiate with insurance companies.

A good restoration company can also help property owners decide if it’s best to make an insurance claim or pay for the water damage directly.

Professional Restoration has been a trusted ally among property owners throughout the Denver Metro area for more than 25 years. Our expert technicians have industry certifications and the professional experience you need after a major disaster.

If you haven’t called Professional Restoration already, do it now: 303-922-4001. 

And follow the tips above to mitigate further property damage while you wait for relief.