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when to hire a lawyer after property damage

Do I Need a Lawyer Following Major Property Damage?

Just because you make insurance payments every month, doesn’t mean your insurance company, their adjusters and loss consultants will see things your way after major property damage.

There are times when policyholders and insurance companies come to a stalemate, and when an agreement can’t be made, it’s often useful to hire a home insurance lawyer.

At Professional Restoration, we work with insurance companies all the time. We know how they work and have helped hundreds of homeowners and commercial property owners navigate complicated property claims.

Below, we discuss when to hire an attorney and the benefits of obtaining a lawyer after major property damage.

When Should a Lawyer Get Involved?

Every insurance claim has challenges. But not every claim requires the expertise of an attorney.

A lawyer can help homeowners and commercial property owners pursue adequate compensation through settlement negotiations or trial.

If you find yourself unable to reach an amicable agreement over your home or business insurance settlement, you might consider legal help.

There are lots of reasons you might disagree with a claim settlement including:

  • Varied interpretations of settlement language
  • Denied coverage for no discernable reason (i.e., bad faith)
  • Disagreements over depreciation values; or even
  • A lack of communication regarding available coverages

There are several ways to remedy a disagreement. But when the insurance company won’t budge and time is wasting, a lawyer can help protect your rights and keep things moving forward.

Large-loss property insurance claims are especially complex and may benefit most from an attorney’s help.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Home Insurance Lawyer?

There are lots of ways an attorney can help you through tough settlement negotiations.

First, an attorney can break down complex language and legal jargon common in contracts and insurance policies. You can expect detailed answers to legal questions you have about your policy and how it relates to your claim.

An attorney can also organize important documents and obtain evidence specific to your losses. They can also provide comprehensive documentation regarding how the claim is handled and record any delays, denials, and so on.

Should a formal lawsuit be required to compensate your losses, detailed records and documentation are crucial to your success.

Important Information for Policyholders

In many cases, an attorney can push settlement negotiations in your favor before a lawsuit is even mentioned. In fact, few lawsuits will see a courtroom, most settle through negotiation.

However, policyholders cannot file a lawsuit after settling a claim. There are rare exceptions to this rule, but generally, settling precludes you from legal recourse.

If you feel like your insurance company is not treating you or your claim fairly, contact a lawyer right away. The more evidence and documentation available to the attorney the better.

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