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Cannabis Facility Restoration

Maintenance and Restoration in the Cannabis Industry

Real estate professionals and property managers know that cannabis facilities can wreak havoc on building structures, electrical systems, HVAC, and more—all of which adversely affect property value. Using state-of-the-art drip systems, high-wattage lights, carbon dioxide enrichment, fumigation, and sophisticated extraction equipment, Colorado’s marijuana industry hit a   record $1.55 billion in sales last year. And while contemporary cannabis facilities are far safer and more sophisticated than their predecessors, the industry has yet to develop maintenance standards and regulatory compliance mandates similar to those in more well-established industries.

Cannabis-Allied Restoration Services

Professional Restoration is equipped to help cannabis-industry professionals, property managers, and other stakeholders traverse the complexities of cannabis-related property damage and insurance claims. Our team of expert technicians in prepared to handle a wide range of environmental hazards including:

  • Mold remediation—bacteria and fungi are common due in large part to the high humidity levels required for marijuana production—sometimes as high as 70 percent. Controlling mold growth is essential for both the plants and employees. Mold spores and fungi can disease plants and increase the likelihood of respiratory infection among employees.
  • Odor removal—for those renting or leasing property used for cultivation or processing, chemical or biological smells may need to be addressed. In Colorado, marijuana odors have triggered lawsuits against cannabis companies.
  • Moisture and humidity inspection—one of the best ways to mitigate mold and fungi is to ensure proper irrigation and ventilation. However, poorly designed or retrofitted systems may fail and result in property or product damage.
  • Fire damage cleanup—modern cannabis facilities use compressed gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2) to increase plant growth during the flowering stage and during the extraction process to produce concentrates. Compressed gas, however, can be extremely hazardous. When exposed to high heat or fire, the cylinders containing these gases may explode. What’s more, the energy requirement of a cannabis facility can push electrical wiring to its limits. Improperly wired units, electricity use in high humidity, lack of training, or poor electrical safety can result in fire damage. In 2016, Denver adopted the first ever marijuana chapter to its fire code.

Complex Insurance Claim? No Problem

At Professional Restoration, we’ve been helping property owners overcome emergency damage for nearly 30 years. We specialize in water, mold, and fire damage, but our expertise also includes vast knowledge of the insurance industry and the claims process. Insurers, in particular, have developed policies that provide coverage for exposures not traditionally included in standard policies. For example, ‘crop protection’ is now available to cover living plant material, harvested plants, and finished stock. Specialized insurance coverage for unique risks faced by the Colorado marijuana industry is still new to the market, and not all restoration companies will be familiar with these coverages.

If you’re facing major property damage, work with a restoration company that knows the cannabis industry. Our technicians are skilled documenters and trusted navigators of the claims process. While our team handles the cleanup, you can get back to business.

24/7 Emergency Relief

Professional Restoration understands the unique needs of professionals tasked with the maintenance and restoration of cannabis facilities. Should an emergency develop, we’re always available to take your call.
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