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How To Winterize A Home

Winterize Your Investment Property in a Few Easy Steps

Written by Professional Restoration on September 27, 2017. Posted in Damage Prevention.

Whether you live in Colorado permanently or travel seasonally to take advantage of the state’s incredible outdoor attractions, winterizing a property is a smart way to save money—and a home from unexpected disaster.

Here are a few simple steps homeowners can take to ensure effective winterization:

For All Colorado Residents

All Colorado homeowners will benefit from these easy steps that will get a property winter ready and add savings to energy bills:

1. Clean the gutters.

Clean gutters before each winter to ensure they’re properly secured and functional. This includes ensuring drain spouts are directing runoff away from the foundation of the home.

2. Check and replace furnace filters.

Furnaces will be working overtime in winter, so it’s a good idea to check the filters once a month. Clogged filters restrict circulation and increase energy demand.

3. Run ceiling fans in reverse.

While a counterclockwise rotation generates a cooling breeze, some fans can be set in reverse to circulate warmer air.

4. Seal any air leaks.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, air leaks and drafts waste as much as 30 percent of total energy use. There are several ways to seal air leaks including:

5. Adjust the thermostat.

Turn down the heat when you leave home to save energy. A programmable thermostat makes this easy to do.

For Snow Birds and Part-Time Residents

Winterizing a home is critical for those who own an investment property in Colorado and regularly leave the property in the winter. This is also true for people that own vacation homes or rental properties.

To keep a property safe, homeowners should perform a number of tasks that will ensure energy isn’t wasted and common hazards are mitigated.

1. Shut off the main water valve to the property.

The last thing you want to come home to in the Spring is a flooded basement, mold, or mildew. Once turned off, turn faucets to the on position to prevent pressure build up and a burst pipe as temperatures fall.

2. Unplug all appliances.

There’s no reason to keep appliances plugged in throughout the winter if no one is living in the home. You’ll save a bit of energy, and there’s no risk of appliances breaking or shorting out and starting a fire.

3. Turn off the gas line.

Just like shutting off the main water valve, turning off the gas will prevent gas leaks and other related incidents.

4. Clean out the refrigerator and pantry.

Perishable foods are especially vulnerable to unwanted pests and should be discarded from the home before homeowners leave. Non-perishable foods can be stored in air-tight containers for use upon return.

 5. Tell the neighbors when you leave.

Nearby neighbors can be an extra line of defense for a winterized property. Let neighbors know when you leave, when you plan to return, and how they can reach you in case they see anything suspicious.

Bonus: Get an Energy Audit Energy

An energy audit is an easy way to determine what improvements should be made to an investment property to ensure the most energy savings during cold winter months.

In addition to saving money, an energy audit can help pin-point problem areas that could be dangerous or damaging to a property.

This type of audit is performed by a professional who can help you identify where a property is losing energy. He or she will also provide tips on what can be done to upgrade the property in order to make it more energy efficient. Contact a service provider to learn more.

Dealing with Damage

Take the time to winterize your property to prevent costly property damage. If it’s too late to prevent the problem, our team can be on the scene in no time.

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From fire to flood, and all damage in-between, the team at Professional Restoration is equipped and ready to assist you whenever disaster strikes. We offer emergency services to provide 24-hour coverage to your investment property.

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