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Flooded location with Water Damage

Water Damage & How to Avoid It During Monsoon Season!

No matter where we live, floods are a danger though we aren’t always prepared for them. Many were not prepared for the water damage done in the most recent Colorado floods and with Denver reaching monsoon season we would all do well to be ready. If we’re prepared for floods, as homeowners, we have the opportunity to avoid major water damage, not only by being prepared ahead of time but also during the flood.

One of the first steps in preparedness in checking and cleaning your gutters. Cleaning your gutters ahead of time can help prevent basement flooding. Gutters are greatly beneficial if cleaned, when left dirty you could be facing erosion, flooding of the basement, and possibly even foundation damage.

What Should You Do To Prepare For a Flood?


  1. It’s a good idea to keep your machines elevated. Machines such as washers and dryers can be kept above the ground by using concrete blocks.

  2. Install a sump pump to be ready for any flooding and minimize water damage.

  3. Many people keep keepsakes such as photos in the basement but if you keep them somewhere higher they’ll be less likely to be destroyed by rising flood waters.

  4. We have smoke detectors, why not install a flood detector? Local hardware stores carry water sensors that can be placed around high-risk areas and provide a heads up on any water detection with an alarm.


What Should You do During a Flood?


  1. If you’re facing a flooded basement you should never walk into the flooded area without first turning off the power.

  2. Sometimes floods can cause water source contamination. With that in mind you could sanitize your sinks and bathtubs and use them to hold potable water for drinking.

  3.  If you didn’t plan ahead and your precious photos are in the basement, take them up above water and lay them out separately in a safe space.

  4. Call Professional Restoration at (303) 922-4001 for expert help 24/7!

Taking steps now to be prepared for a flood can save you time and a large amount of repairs. Keeping the above tips in mind will help you minimize loss before and during a flood. Being prepared ahead of time will help when it comes to minimizing water damage and property loss. We hope these tips go a long way in helping you be prepared for floods with Denver coming into monsoon season!